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Monaco Gold Casino Online

Is the world’s best online casino site! Modeled after the legendary Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco Gold offers an amazing variety of premium games and features, like New Generation Gaming. Don’t hesitate to sign up and collect your
$1,000 Welcome Bonus!

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Carnival Casino Online

Is a top- quality casino with the option for live dealer play on a variety of games, which means that players get ever closer to that live- casino vibe! Click here to collect your $777 Welcome Bonus

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Play Gate Online Casino

Focuses on top bonuses for players, including the weekly “Crazy Prize Draw.” They also offer a $1,000 Welcome Bonus. Check out the great prizes and bonuses that PlayGate Online Casino has in store for you!

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Online Casino Club Dice

The long- established Club Dice Casino offers the highest Refer- a- Friend Bonus in the industry! Earn a $100 bonus each time you bring a friend to the site, and your friend will earn a $50 bonus! Sign up ASAP to receive your
$500 Welcome Bonus!

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Some Tattoo Fans Want to Be Billboards for Popular Online Casinos
Tattoo artists report that they are getting more and more requests for forehead art. This is not some fad out of the equivalent of Tattoo Vogue- rather, is it a new trend in marketing.

People who wish to offer their faces as advertising sites may hook up with potential advertisers at the website, on which people may list the body part(s) they want to tattoo, as well as the product or products they would be willing to advertise.

Recently, popular online casinos have been getting in on the human billboard act. Last year, several popular online casinos hired a number of B- list stars, including basketball player Dennis Rodman and reality TV star Danny Bonaduce, to tattoo their logos on their bodies.

Now, even Average Janes and Joes contact popular online casinos, asking to be paid for placing their logos on their faces or other parts of their bodies. Jennifer Gladstone, who is 41 and has tattoos covering about one-fourth of her skin, has written to the customer service departments of several popular online casinos to offer her services. She prefers to have a tattoo of a logo from an American casino, but is willing to consider all offers. So far, she says, the casinos have politely declined her services.

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